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Fantastic February 2024 at Turtles Nursery

Hello February! 🌟

As the dreary month of January closes to an end we will be reintroducing Fantastic February!

What is Fantastic February?

During the month of February their will be incentives to be won everyday as we give a prize to the girls here at Turtles based on a series of categories. Who is the 'most smiley', who has set up the 'most creative activity', who is the 'best story teller', who has the 'best use of emotion coaching techniques' and much more!

February is a dry month as we crawl our way to spring. We put Fantastic February in place to remind everyone that there are brighter days ahead, in order to keep everyone’s spirits high and support their wellbeing!

How can you help us to help them?

Every Thursday during the month on February we will have Thankful Thursday. On thankful Thursday we will share who we are thankful for that week. Each week we will ask that you let us know who you are thankful for. Has anyone gone above and beyond for you and your child that week? Or simply shared a smile or communicated exceptionally? Let us know :D

Staff appreciation feedback from Parents!

As we celebrate Valentine's Day during the month of February we also want to celebrate our wonderful Staff at Turtles Nursery., we have asked parents to completed Staff appreciation feedback forms. These will be shared with a small chocolate gift on Valentines Day.

Incentive Insight…

  • 1 day extra annual leave
  • 2 hours TOIL
  • Lunch on Turtles
  • £10 costa voucher
  • Leave early day
  • Lay in day
  • £10 all in one voucher

We will also be getting 'Fit for February' as the staff embark on a skipping challenge, stay tuned for our skipping videos as we jump our way through the month!

Here's to a Fantastic February! 🥂