Frequently Asked Questions

How do I settle in my child to nursery?

Every childs family differs in their needs & the support they may wish to receive from the nursery team Children become more aware of strangers and changing surroundings as they get older. A young baby will settle in far quicker than a toddler. Settling in sessions are planned & structured to give the maximum opportunity for your child to bond & feel secure in their new environment. Sensitive welcoming staff known as key staff will help you to settle your child into their new nursery.

How long is the waiting list?

Our data base enables us to foresee what spaces we have for up to a year at a time.

What happens to my registration fee if I decide not to start?

Once you formally accept a place by signing our agreement you shall not receive a refund of the registration fee should you not be able to start your child on the agreed date.

Where and when will my child sleep? at their time or your time?

Your child shall sleep in a cot or low level bed. Children sleep soundly in a room that is well ventilated and we shall ask that you provide us with bedding/sleep suits that we can use, along with any comforters. We shall wash their bedding each week.

If my child does not eat what's on the menu is there an alternative?

There are a variety of options on the menu, which are rotated to give children the opportunity to taste new foods and explore new textures. As mealtimes are social occasions, children tend to watch others and this in turn encourages them to try a little. Staff are on hand to assist with serving extra helpings. Children do not have access to any sugary foods. We do not add salt & all foods are freshed cooked on site each day. Our chef cooks with the children weekly and explores the ingredients with them. Our menus are devised quarterly and we encourage parents to send in ideas & recipes from home.

School Readiness

As we approach the period of time where children get ready to leave, Natasha usually takes lead in an enrichment programme, to focus on school readiness. Here she introduces activities such as name writing, phonics, sharing and identifying emotions for transitions, meet and greets with new teachers, role play sessions and general links to school life they will be soon facing. We work closely with local schools when transitioning around September time. We try to arrange and meet the teacher around July, as this is when schools are more relaxed and preparing to break for summer.

The top 5 local schools our children transition to are:

  • St. Clement Danes
  • St. Josephs
  • St. Vincent’s
  • Ecole Jeannin Manuel UK
  • Soho Parish Primary School

Will my child be taken out on any trips and visits?

Yes, certainly with your consent. We shall take the children to visit our local parks, libraries and children's centres. We shall look at visiting places of interest linked to our planned curriculum, such as the fire station, bus depot, post office. Any parents who wish to come along would be more than welcome to join us. We only take 2 children out per member of staff. We have a comprehensive policy and procedures for you to collect about our outings.

What will happen when my child begins potty training?

We shall ask you to bring in a few extra sets of bottoms and a potty for your own child to use. We shall encourage your child to go to the bathroom with the older children on regular occasions and make a note of these times and any successes. We discourage the use of 'training' pants as children need to be able to try and undress themselves. We have a more comprehensive set of guidelines for you to collect at nursery.

How will behavioural issues be dealt with?

Positive praise and encouragement are fundamental to ensuring children recognise what is acceptable in a group setting. Children shall learn the differences between right and wrong. We shall be consistent, fair and calm in our approach. We shall consult with you as to the best strategy to take should the actions of your child be unacceptable. Please collect our behaviour policy and guidelines for more information.

What will my child be doing all day?

Each room has a daily routine which has been carefully devised according to the age, stage and capabilities of the children in this room. This routine is frequently reviewed, updated to reflect the changing needs of individual children at various ages stages. it also incorporates seasonal adjustments which enable the children to have equal access to activities set inside and outside the nursery in our garden area.

Can I be flexible on my sessions and should I need extra session, will I be accomodated?

Yes, you may change your sessions at short notice, under the discretion of the Manager. We must ensure our staff child ratio's are met at all times, so please do call us if your child will not be attending nursery or if you should like to book an extra session.

How do children transition between the rooms?

We have two separate rooms, 1 pebbles room which is our baby room. This room welcomes babies from 6 months until they are established walkers, around the ages of 15-18 months. We transition babies when their parents and key people feel they are emotionally and physically ready.